...Contains 25 Easy to make, Tasty, Budget friendly and Healthy rice Recipes.


  • EVERY HOME THAT WANTS TO SPARK SOME CREATIVITY IN THEIR KITCHEN – Looking to improve and increase your knowledge on different Rice recipes to the amazement of your loved ones, you definitely need this bo
  • IF YOU ARE EAGER TO EAT HEALTHY RICE RECIPES – In this book EVERY recipe has its own health benefits so you can particularly eat palatable and Healthy meals
  • IF YOU DONT WANT TO BREAK THE BANK – Eating tasty and unique Rice meals do not necessarily need to be expensive.
  • IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A FEEL OF A FIVE STAR HOTEL RIGHT IN YOUR HOME – Paying huge sums so as be in five star hotels to have a different feel of food no longer has to be the case.
  • IF YOU WANT TO WOW YOUR CLIENTS AT EVENTS – Into Events planning or Catering and you want to wow your Clients? It broadens your scope of knowledge and increases your income base. This is the perfect book to help you expand your menu to the delight of your Clients’ tastes buds…

Today's Price - N1000 /20GHC -Ghana/ 1500CFA - Cameroun

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  • 25 Tasty, Healthy and Easy-to-make Rice Recipes apart from popular Nigerian Jollof rice and Fried rice with all necessary ingredients available in our local market.
  • A basic explanation on the major requirements for each recipe.
  • A well stated ingredients list with required measurements of each recipe.
  • Detailed cooking method with average cooking time.
  • The Health benefits of Each Recipe.
  • The Pictures of recipes prepared by Dixis-Invogue Kitchen.

Today's Price - N1000 /20GHC -Ghana/ 1500CFA - Cameroun

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This Book Features;

  • Chinese fried rice
  • Seafood rice
  • Egg fried rice
  • Capsicum fried rice
  • Hibiscus rice
  • Pineapple rice
  • Mutton fried rice
  • Smoked Pisces rice and 17 more amazing rice recipes.

Today's Price - N1000 /20GHC -Ghana/ 1500CFA - Cameroun

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Meet the Author

Ibukun Adeoye Adeyemo is passionate about food preparation and variety. Her passion has led her to the kitchens of prestigious multinational organizations such as Guinness and FCMB where she gleaned relevant training and hands-on work experience.
Ibukun is presently the Manager at Dixis Kitchen and facilitator of “In-vogue Meals Memoir,” a quarterly online training where she impacts scores of people with the knowledge and skills needed in the preparation of continental dishes, sauces, salads and glass desserts. Now in its fourth year, the online training has helped hundreds of people improve on their culinary skills both for personal and business purposes.
She holds a first degree in Agricultural Economics from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. Her passion to see people to eat nutritious and balanced meals have led her to also obtain other numerous culinary certifications.

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